Belle Etoile - Course de ski-alpinisme

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Event organised by le DSA et le TIM,
on February 1, 2020

Online registration active until January 29, 2020 at midnight
La Belle Étoile will take place on February 1 and 2, 2020 in Pipay (Les 7 Laux).
It's a team ski-mountaineering race over 2 days, from cadets to veterans (M/W) with 3 adapted courses:
  • Race A for U23 / Senior / Veteran (M/W and mixed): 2300m D +/day
  • Race B for Junior and U23 / Senior / Veteran (M/W): 1800m D +/day
  • Race C for Cadet only (M/W): 1100m D +/day
Mixed teams (M/W) are accepted only for the race A.
Note: the denivelation per day are given as an indication!

Warning :
The number of places is limited to 175 teams all categories combined!!

A nice backpack will be offered by Belle Étoile/Crazy Idea!
  • The inscriptions of La Belle Étoile are open from Sunday 17/11/2019 to Wednesday 29/01/2020 inclusive with rate increases the Monday 16/12/2019 then the Monday 20/01/2020.
To register, complete the form for each runner, you can register multiple teams at once and only one payment.

For non-licensed team members (FFCAM / FFME / National Federation of Ski-Mountaineering affiliated to ISMF), the discovery card (5 euros per race day) is mandatory and must be checked in the form below.

Registration includes the bibs, post-race meals and gift for each teammate.
You can order extra meals for Sunday only (accompanying persons).

Very important to validate your file:
You must download at registration, your license (if you have one) and necessarily a medical certificate of less than one year on the day of the race for each team member!
The medical certificate must mention "ski mountaineering" (ski touring) and the mention "in competition"!

Registration form

Please type here your personnal information, and choose the registration options corresponding to your case. Once all the form fields are filled, click the button Validate your registration, which will activate the secured online paiement. You can validate many individual registrations at once.

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The organizer of this event asks for a mandatory copy of a medical certificate or valid licence for each individual. Please provide these documents in order to proceed to the validation.

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    Registration options
    Team race A (2 days): U23 - Senior - Veteran (M&W or mixed) 105 €
    Team race B (2 days) : U23 - Senior - Veteran (M&W) 105 €
    Team race B (2 days): Junior (M&W) 70 €
    Team race C (2 days): U17 (M&W) 60 €

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    Total fee for this registration :

    Total fee for all registrations :
    Important note : your subscription to this event means that you fully accept the rules defined by the organizer.

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